Beaumont-Hamel: the short film



“A compelling film that brings you straight into the action of a terrifying time in our world history but also leaves you humbled by the sacrifice.”

Dominic King BBC Radio Kent ‘The Dominic King Show’


A film co-directed by a filmmaker and a military historian.

In his two years of war, cinematographer Geoffrey Malins (LUKE MILLARD) has never had an opportunity like this - to film the offensive that will end this Great War. The Battle of the Somme will be a film that would mark him out as one of the great cinematographers of this new age of cinema.

As Malins wakes on the morning of the 1st of July in a trench not far from the German occupied village of Beaumont, he embarks on a mission that he has been planning these many months. Today he will capture battle in all its glory and sorrow and put onto film the most ferocious firepower mankind has to offer.

BEAUMONT-HAMEL was made with the expressed desire to begin turning the table on historical accuracy in filmmaking. After six years of working side-by-side, filmmaker ROSS BARNWELL and military historian ANDY ROBERTSHAW joined forces to create a short drama that pays attention to detail and is faithful to the concept of "based on a true story".

Director Ross Barnwell, Andy Robertshaw

Cast Luke Millard, Adam Schuch-des Forges

Duration 15 minutes

Country of Origin United Kingdom

Funded through Kickstarter

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BEHIND THE SCENES - credit: The History Project

ANDY ROBERTSHAW INTERVIEW - credit: The History Project