Beaumont-Hamel Preview



Below we have the preview screener of 'Beaumont-Hamel'. The film is 15 minutes in duration.

The film has been co-directed by Andy Robertshaw - a world renowned WW1 military historian - so that historical accuracy is the central focus of the production.

If you would like to get the rights to share this with your community, follow the link below the preview and you will be re-directed to our checkout page on 'Selz'.

The film includes screening rights up until 31st December 2018. You can show the movie as many times as you wish in that time and you can keep all the money you make from ticket sales.

The package will also include various educational pieces about WW1.

Many thanks and we hope you enjoy.

Dan & Ross

PS - the film + cinematic licence is currently only £50. So buy now if you are contemplating hosting an event to commemorate the centenary ending of WW1 this year.

Uploaded by Daniel Gandolfi on 2018-06-29.