Ostalgie - the phenomenon of nostalgia for the DDR.

Dr. Richard Millington talks about the phenomenon of 'Ostaglie' - the feeling of nostalgia towards the DDR.

In this talk, Richard takes us through some of the more light-hearted elements of the DDR and why (and how) they are popular today. Subjects covered included: the Trabant - the classic East German produced car; the Sandmännchen - a children's TV character who had both West and East versions; the Ampelmann - the green traffic light man; and Spreewalder Gherkins.

featured images/video: 

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The Trabant - a common sight in the DDR, although a rarity to own.

A Trabant commercial.

The eastern Sandmännchen takes a ride on the tram.

The Ampelmann in his iconic hat.

Ross Barnwell